Please see the following information regarding our Terms of Service.

All customers will receive a copy of the sales invoice upon payment of their items, which they are required to produce upon collection of their ceramics. This acts as a proof of purchase as well as allowing staff to identify which items belong to which customers.

As a general rule ceramics will be ready approximately 7 days from the date of painting and the collection date will be given on their sales invoice. If for any reason the date should change we will notify customers by phone. This is usually only in exceptional circumstances and we will make every effort to ensure that the customer has their item as soon as possible.

Castings are usually completed 3-4 weeks from being cast. The customer will be given a collection date on their sales invoice, if for any reason the date should change we will contact the customer be phone. If a cast/mould should fail, we offer x1 recasting per failed item.

We will hold finished items for a maximum of 6 months after this point any uncollected items will be disposed of. Once your collection becomes overdue we will attempt to contact our customers on three separate occasions during this 6 month period.

If a customer should realise that they are unable to return to the studio to collect their items we will happily post items for an additional postage fee which will be dependent on the size and weight of the ceramics. This will have to be paid over the phone or by bank transfer before the item/s are posted.

Takeaway caddies will be booked out on loaned for an agreed period of time and this may vary on when it is needed back for other bookings. If a customer should return a caddy late this may incur a penalty if it adversely affects bookings by other customers.

Dotty Pottery customers are not permitted to consume their own food or drink in the studio. Any food or drink consumed in the studio must be purchased from the Shackleton Cafe, with the exception of the birthday cakes.

Due to our ceramics being handmade and not factory processed we do not recommend putting them in dishwashers or microwaves as this may affect their longevity. Please also be aware that due to the hand made nature if the products they may not be entirely uniform.

There may be occasions where due to the firing process, defects and breakages may occur, whilst this is rare it is out of our control, if this should arise we will endeavor to rectify or replace the item.

All staff at Dotty Pottery endeavor to provide the highest levels of customer service and as such we will not tolerate any foul or abusive language or behavior in our studio or via any form of social media. Any persons found to be behaving in an inappropriate or offensive manner may be refused service.

If any customer would like to raise a complaint they may do so via email, telephone or in person.

Tel: 07495397165

Email: [email protected]